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The documentation you're currently reading is for version 2.8.0. Click to view documentation for the latest stable version.

The goal of the datastore service is to allow users to store common parameters and their values within StackStorm for reuse in the definition of sensors, actions, and rules. The datastore service stores the data as a key-value pair. They can be get/set using the StackStorm CLI or the StackStorm Python client.

From the sensor and action plugins, since they are implemented in Python, the key-value pairs are accessed from the StackStorm Python client. For rule definitions in YAML/JSON, the key-value pairs are referenced with a specific string substitution syntax and the references are resolved on rule evaluation.

Key-Value pairs can also have a TTL associated with them, for automatic expiry.

Storing and Retrieving Key-Value Pairs via CLI Allhqfashion Womens Soft Material Round Closed Toe Solid Hightop HighHeels Boots Black xwMbwhVKLB

Set the value of a key-value pair:

Get individual key-value pair or list all:

Update an existing key-value pair:

Delete an existing key-value pair:

Currently, all datastore values are stored as string . If you want to store a non-string value, you can store a JSON-serialized version, and then de-serialize it in your action/sensor code (see Referencing Key-Value Pairs in Action Definitions for more info on using Key-Values in Actions).

Storing an number / integer :

Storing an object using a JSON-serialized string representation:

Storing an array using a JSON-serialized string representation:

Load a list of key-value pairs from a JSON file. The following is a JSON example using the same keys from the examples above:

Load this file using this command:

The load command can also accept a YAML file. The following example is YAML for the same key-value pairs as the JSON file above:

The load command also allows you to directly load the output of the st2 key list -j command. If you have more than 50 key-value pairs, use st2 key list -n -1 -j to export all keys. This is useful if you want to migrate datastore items from a different cluster or if you want to version control the datastore items and load them from version controlled files:

By default, all values for keys in the file must be strings. However, it is also possible to set the value to any arbitrary data type supported by JSON/YAML (hash, array, int, boolean, etc) in the file and have StackStorm convert it to JSON before loading it into the datastore. To accomplish this, you need to explicity pass the -c/--convert flag: st2 key load -c mydata.json

The beautiful month

We are exploring the culture and history of the World Cup for the next month while the tournament goes on.

You want to troll French fascists? Tell them the truth: the most French man in the world right now is a black kid called Kylian Mbappé.

Brazilians have a complicated relationship to the Seleção, clouded by political crises, the parliamentary coup and the decline of a national style.

The success of Belgium’s national football team as a key site for political struggles over identity, race and immigration.

Soccer came to Ghana with “a Jamaican educationist.” That’s the popular version. It’s not entirely correct.

en ce moment, le plus français de tous les français est un gamin noir d’origine algérienne et camerounaise nommé Kylian Mbappé.

Wolof-centered television may be a beacon of hope for Senegal’s waning cinema culture.

A group of esteemed Nigerian thinkers come together and chat about rapper Falz’s take on the viral “This Is…” video meme.

On Mother’s Day — a dedication to hardscrabble mothers.

Reporting on protests in poor communities where the mainstream media lacks, social media picks up the slack. This isn’t always a good thing.

In post-uprising Tunisia, the western backed military is hampering the country’s transition to democracy.

Private education companies have sought to cash in on the development game.

Nigeria’s young, rich and glamorous are the Trojan Horse for the pains of neoliberalism.

For true independence for France’s former colonies in Africa, it is imperative that the current CFA franc monetary system end.

Would white women in the US have supported #MeToo in the same way if it had been started by women elsewhere in the world?

The author grapples with how to photograph the lives of her neighbors in a part of North East Nigeria, where Boko Haram is on a reign of terror.

Iweala’s novel, “Speak No Evil,” comes out as we’re witnessing a burgeoning African—and specifically Nigerian—literary attention to same-sex sexuality.

Nigeria is a fresh target of Bridge International, a global chain, whose schools have been shut down in Kenya and Uganda for violating their national laws.

Paul Biya’s inability to address the crisis in the country’s Anglophone region is pushing the nation to the brink.

#Goals. The friendship of the poets Syl Cheney-Coker and Niyi Osundare is the subject of a new road movie documentary.

While entertaining, the showy presidential campaign of Zimbabwe’s opposition may not amount to much on July 30th.

Tunisia played England in France ’98. English hooligans attacked Tunisians in the streets of Marseille. Algerians came to Tunisians’ rescue.

Table 1

Figure 1

Conceptual framework for implementation fidelity.

The framework outlined in Figure 1 depicts the vital elements of implementation fidelity and their relationship to one another. The measurement of implementation fidelity is the measurement of adherence, i.e ., how far those responsible for delivering an intervention actually adhere to the intervention as it is outlined by its designers. Adherence includes the subcategories of content, frequency, duration and coverage ( i.e ., dose). The degree to which the intended content or frequency of an intervention is implemented is the degree of implementation fidelity achieved for that intervention. The level achieved may be influenced or affected, ( i.e ., moderated) by certain other variables: intervention complexity, facilitation strategies, quality of delivery, and participant responsiveness. For example, the less enthusiastic participants are about an intervention, the less likely the intervention is to be implemented properly and fully.

The broken line in Figure 1 indicates that the relationship between an intervention and its outcomes is external to implementation fidelity, but that the degree of implementation fidelity achieved can affect this relationship. Finally, an analysis of outcomes may identify those components that are essential to the intervention, and must be implemented if the intervention is to have its intended effects. This evaluation in turn may inform the content of the intervention by determining the minimum requirements for high implementation fidelity, i.e ., the implementation of the essential components of the intervention. The following discussion describes the function of each element in detail, highlighted by examples from the research. Relationships between moderators are also considered.

Adherence is essentially the bottom-line measurement of implementation fidelity. If an implemented intervention adheres completely to the content, frequency, duration, and coverage prescribed by its designers, then fidelity can be said to be high. Measuring implementation fidelity means evaluating whether the result of the implementation process is an effective realisation of the intervention as planned by its designers.

The content of the intervention may be seen as its 'active ingredients'; the drug, treatment, skills, or knowledge that the intervention seeks to deliver to its recipients. For example, the Marriage and Parenting in Stepfamilies parent training programme is based on thirteen sessions, each with specific materials to be delivered to parents by trained educators [ wuayi Mens Beach Sandals Summer FlipFlops Slippers Indooramp;Outdoor Leisure Shoes Black 2 8FrHGbZ7Z
]. The programme has a number of designated components, such as skill encouragement and discipline. The fidelity with which this intervention was implemented, i.e ., the level of adherence to its model, was evaluated by trained coders using videotapes of sessions to score how far the implemented intervention actually adhered to the prescribed model in terms of content [ 8 ]. The tool used in this study was the Fidelity of Implementation Rating System (FIMP). Observation by trained staff of those delivering the intervention is often used to evaluate fidelity [ 19 , 20 ]. is the leading digital media covering the European Biotech industry. Over 100,000 monthly visitors use it to keep an eye on the business and innovations in biotechnology. Hope you'll enjoy reading our stories!

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