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By Derrick Staten Sahil Verma December 12, 2017 0 Comments

Branch is excited to announce the availability of People-Based Attribution, the mobile industry’s first attribution platform for marketers and product managers to effectively attribute conversions across web and apps no matter how complex the user journey.

Earlier this year, the Internet Advertising Bureau declared 2017 the year of attribution , as the subject is top-of-mind for companies across all industries. Branch has long provided the leading mobile linking technology to help brands build consistent user experiences across channels and platforms. Used by over 30,000 brands across the globe, Branch has identified the most significant problem facing attribution today, the inherently fragmented user journey across many browsers and apps that lacks any unifying identity. It boils down to the facts that:

Given the fragmentation of cookies across different browsers, there’s no way to uniquely identify a given user unless he or she registers and signs in everywhere—a rare feat to which we as users ourselves can attest. Because the digital identity is fragmented, the following consequences occur:

Here’s a tangible look at this fragmentation in action: Imagine your social team promotes a link to a deal on Facebook. A new potential customer clicks on this link from his or her Facebook feed, and visits the site in the Facebook in-app browser and does nothing. A few days later, he or she installs the app on the same device and converts. With the legacy cookie-based attribution model, this purchase event would be attributed as an organic in-app purchase, not as a paid click and purchase from the Facebook ad. The same disconnection is happening all over the mobile ecosystem: across devices, marketing channels, and platforms. This means brands are making incorrect decisions based on inaccurate measurement data due to the technical limitations of existing attribution tools.

Distributing credit for a purchase across email, social, push notifications, ads, and other efforts is an exercise in futility. Plus, brands fundamentally don’t have the data to bridge the gap between the silos.

Now for the good news—enter Branch’s People-Based Attribution.

As the leader in mobile deep linking, Branch has been unifying these silos since its inception. With over 30,000 mobile apps actively using Branch links, we have reached the scale and now can see nearly every smartphone globally across our network on a monthly basis. This has enabled us to build a deterministic identify graph that enables Branch to conclude on questions such as “whether two events tied to two different browser cookies are actually from the same user”, even if the events occur in vastly different contexts within different cookie spaces.

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Every dog is different.

Introducing River, Pepper,and Roxy. A dog’s story starts with its breed – let’s see what Embark can tell us!



Pepper is a beautiful Labradoodle.

Every family has a story

Starting with your dog, Embark unfolds a story that started over 15,000 years ago when dog and human became friends.

Breed Families

There are over 200 unique dog breeds. And while we know all dogs are related, some are more closely related than others.

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The Labrador Retriever breed was bred for hunting and excelled in retrieving game after it was shot down. Known for its gentle disposition and loyalty, the Labrador Retriever has become a favorite of families and breeders alike.

Breed Family for Labrador Retriever

Discover the closest genetic relatives to your dog – you may be in for a surprise!

Flat-Coated Retriever Sibling Breed

Golden Retriever Sibling Breed
Chesapeake Bay Retriever Cousin Breed
Newfoundland Cousin Breed

We’ve discovered a lot through DNA

Did you know? Through DNA we have uncovered how dogs are related all the way back to wolves.

See the full list of breeds we test for >

Where Your Dog’s Ancestors Came From

Your dog has taken a long trip to get to your lap.

Through Pepper’s Y-Chromosome we can trace his ancestry back to where dogs and humans first became friends. Each different ancient group – or haplogroup – tells a different story of creation, migration, struggle and ultimately survival.

Group: A1a

The most common lineage among American and European dog breeds is A1a, including the vast majority of iconic breeds such as German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers, as well as most Border Collies, Scottish Terriers, and Irish Wolfhounds.

The A1a group is now widely distributed across Oceania and the New World, and frankly anywhere Europeans have gone adventuring and colonizing in the last 300 years. Though A1a is currently found in many village dogs, it is almost certainly indigenous to the villages of Europe.

The Vizsla breed is a grand Central European hunting dog with a thousand year history; all Viszlas come from this lineage, suggesting that the first Viszlas were part of this lineage.

While A1a male dogs would like to claim credit for having the best genes, the success of this lineage is probably based mostly on the recent successes of European civilization and colonization than any kind of natural selection.

Through Pepper’s Mitochondrial DNA we can trace his ancestry as it relates to his mother. Mitochondrial DNA or mtDNA is inherited only from a dog’s mother.

Group: B1

B1 is the second most common maternal lineage in breeds of European or American origin. It is the female line of the majority of Golden Retrievers, Basset Hounds, and Shih Tzus, and about half of Beagles, Pekingese and Toy Poodles.

This lineage is also somewhat common among village dogs that carry distinct ancestry from these breeds. We know this is a result of B1 dogs being common amongst the European dogs that their conquering owners brought around the world, because nowhere on earth is it a very common lineage in village dogs. It even enables us to trace the path of (human) colonization: Because most Bichons are B1 and Bichons are popular in Spanish culture, B1 is now fairly common among village dogs in Latin America.


River is a purebred Australian Shepherd.

Every family has a story

Starting with your dog, Embark unfolds a story that started over 15,000 years ago when dog and human became friends.

Breed Families

There are over 200 unique dog breeds. And while we know all dogs are related, some are more closely related than others.

See the full list of breeds we test for >

The Australian Shepherd, or Aussie, is the 17th most popular dog in the United States. Despite their name, the Australian Shepherd originated from the ranches of the United States around the 1800’s. They are praised by stockmen and breeders for their trainability and intelligence. The breed has considerable energy and usually needs a job to do to keep it entertained. Australian Shepherds are often employed as guide dogs, rescue dogs, and therapy dogs. They have a medium build and a wide variation of different coat colors. If an Aussie is bored they will often invent their own games or activities. They also thrive on close companionship. Aussies are at times called “Velcro Dogs” for their tendency to stay close to their owner.

Breed Family for Australian Shepherd

But you don’t need to take a drug to do this. Bitter herbs can stimulate bile production. To kick-start, this process at the beginning of meals have a small salad that contains arugula, chicory, endive, or other dark, leafy greens such as radicchio. You can also increase beneficial bile by drinking tinctures and teas made from chamomile, dandelion, gentian, goldenseal, peppermint, milk thistle and wormwood (dandelion root from tea can have a strong laxative effect in some people).

For a great meal starter, try my recipe for Lotto Men’s Spider 700 XIII Sg6 Football Boots Black / Grey uNuFjJT

MCT oil, olive or coconut oil

A flat tablespoon can act as a natural lubricant, to help foods more easily pass through your digestive system. To check how well you tolerate fats, start it with a teaspoon and increase to a tablespoon. MCT oil is particularly effective here.

Calculate the amount of water you need to drink daily by halfing your weight in pounds – this is the amount of water you need to drink in ounces. If you weight 120 pounds, you need to drink 60 oz of water per day. And, 20 to 30% more if your exercise.

Your body weight is made up about 60% fluid so water is pivotal to important bodily functions like digestion, metabolism and muscle contraction. You are also constantly losing fluid through breathing, perspiration, and other bodily functions. If you feel thirsty you have already become dehydrated, which can slow the transit time of food through your bowel and increase the risk of your poop compacting.

Hot watery drinks can also help stimulate bowel movements. So start your day with a glass of warm water with 2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Fermented foods

Sauerkraut, miso, kvass, and ferments like coconut kefir and kimchi (Korean fermented vegetables) are packed with beneficial bacteria. These BalaMasa Girls Double Breasted Toepost Style Studded Rivet PU Sandals Black 7QagNszH
from Kings College London.

So add some fermented food into your diet every day, such as my Quick Sauerkraut Salad recipe.

I have also found that these spore-based probiotics can help with constipation by regulating the whole gut microflora (the spores are like the “cops” and traffic controllers in the gut).

Herbal teas

This can be used as herbal medicine to improve gut health, alleviate discomfort from constipation and relax gut muscles, which helps to restore the natural peristaltic motion that moves stools along the digestive tract. Try:

Magnesium Supplements: Magnesium is a muscle relaxant. In the intestines, it helps to calm spasms so that the muscle contractions that move food along are smoother. It also attracts water, drawing it into the bowels, which this helps soften your stool, easing progress and assisting faster elimination. Powdered forms of magnesium citrate are absorbed more rapidly so they are optimal to help constipation. If you don’t already take magnesium, start with a smaller dose to see how you tolerate it (you don’t want to go from constipation to having the runs)! Replenish by starting with 500mg and go up to 1500mg, if needed. Preferred form: glycerinate, citrate (can cause loose stool or diarrhea) or malate, avoid oxide.

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