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Given these restrictions, we assembled a data set of 20 studies that reported 66 observations (i.e., outcomes or results) for nutrition knowledge, fruit and vegetable preference, and/or fruit and vegetable consumption ( Timberland Adventure sneakers Green w04xfMh
). Even though we restricted our search to studies that were conducted from kindergarten through 12th grade, we only found studies that were conducted with students in kindergarten through grade eight.

View this table:
Table 1.

Characteristics of studies included in our analyses of the impact of nutrition education programs and gardening programs on children’s nutrition knowledge, preference for fruit and/or vegetables, and/or consumption of fruit and/or vegetables. Studies are listed alphabetically.

Description of studies.

All of the 20 included studies were quasi-experimental, in which the researchers first recruited an educational site (e.g., school, Boys and Girls Club, community garden, etc.) rather than directly recruiting children from across all possible sites. These types of experimental designs are called “quasi-experimental” because they lack a key element of randomized experiments: the random assignment of subjects to a treatment category. Only after cooperating sites were identified were students recruited to take part in a study.

Although the majority of studies included a control group that did not participate in a nutrition education and/or gardening program, six studies ( Zaxy Womens Fashion Sandals Black AqSOMzTj5
; Hermann et al., 2006 ; Koch et al., 2006 ; Lineberger and Zajicek, 2000 ; Poston et al., 2005 ; Wright and Rowell, 2010 ) did not include a control.

The majority of the studies with a nutrition education program focused on increasing the consumption of healthy foods and/or decreasing the consumption of unhealthy foods. Increasing physical activity and/or decreasing sedentary activities were also included as an aspect of many of these programs. In the studies that had a garden treatment, gardening activities (e.g., planting, maintaining, harvesting) were integrated into a nutrition education program. Detailed descriptions of each study included in our analyses can be found in Table 1 .

Vote-counting analysis.

For the vote-counting analysis, we scored the significance (either positive or negative) or nonsignificance of each observation of a treatment category (e.g., control, nutrition education, and gardening) on a response variable (e.g., nutrition knowledge, preferences for fruit or vegetables, and consumption of fruit or vegetables). Some studies (e.g., Koch et al., 2006 ; O’Brien and Shoemaker, 2006 ) reported the effect of a treatment category on the combined preference for fruit and vegetables and/or combined consumption of fruit and vegetables. We included these as separate response categories from preference or consumption of just fruit or just vegetables.

For this analysis, observations within studies were recorded as significant when the probability value was less than or equal to 0.05, regardless of the type I error rate set by the studies’ authors. Specifically, we scored the significance of the difference between pretest and posttest scores. If baseline data were not reported, we noted the significance of the difference between a control and treatment group at the end of a study. In our vote counting analysis, we separately considered changes in response variables between pretest and posttest measures from differences in response variables between an intervention (e.g., nutrition education, gardening) and a control.

A significant positive response (+) was recorded when the value of the posttest was significantly greater than the pre-test value or when the value of the treatment group was significantly greater than the control. A significant negative response (−) was recorded when the posttest value was significantly less than the pretest value or when the value of the treatment group was significantly less than the control. Nonsignificant differences (Ø) were also noted. In one case ( Baranowski et al., 2000 ), we qualitatively assessed the significance by examining reported least squared means and graphical data. In another case ( Siega-Riz et al., 2011 ), we conducted a post hoc analysis of the reported data to determine the significance of the difference between pre- and posttest values, for both the control and the nutrition education treatment.

We counted up the total number of significant positive, negative, and null responses among studies that reported pre- and posttest data, as well as studies that reported differences between control groups and interventions. This allowed us to qualitatively analyze the relative effect of no education, nutrition education, and garden-based education on children’s nutrition knowledge, preferences for fruit and/or vegetables, and consumption of fruit and/or vegetables.

We used meta-analytical techniques to quantitatively examine the changes in children’s nutrition knowledge, preference for fruit and vegetables, and consumption of fruit and vegetables as a function of whether they participated in a nutrition education program or gardening program.

Purpose Equals Giving

Humans have six basic needs. The first four of them is all about oneself. It took hitting rock bottom, quite literally, for Dov to realize when enough is enough.

“Purpose is not about what you get, it’s about what you give. So happiness comes from what we get, but fulfillment comes from what we give.” - Dov Baron

Once Dov realized what he’s meant to do in order to give to others, he began changing his approach. He’s now known as a speaker coming to the aid of organizations who wish to cultures of loyalty and purpose, led by purpose-driven leaders.

“I’ve been real.”

“Master your story. Find out what your story is that will inspire others."

“You must be real.”

“Dov Baron was a father to many.”

To hear Dov Baron talk about putting one’s heart above one’s smarts and how to take care of your tribe of talents, download and listen to the show!

Learn from

Website - Full Monty Leadership

YouTube - Dov Baron’s Full Monty Leadership

iTunes - Leadership and Loyalty

| | Download
May 21, 2018

Mike Ganino is obsessed with culture. He breathes it and lives it, proven by his keynote motivational speeches and his fascination with improv theater. His experience in hospitality has let him grow iconic brands, and now he’s turned to aid people in understanding how a culture can run a company.

Mike Ganino

His book, Company Culture for Dummies, has hit the shelves! Check it out!

Mike Ganino - Stories by Employees Matter

Mike gained his extensive knowledge about company culture from his first-hand experience in working with different companies and also different franchises of a single corporate umbrella. He has learned through his many engagements that culture differs from one location to another, from one room to another.

These smaller units, microcosms, oftentimes work off the company handbook. The employee-guest experience, which is what sticks and resonates to customers, always drives this culture. The company story, therefore, ultimately banks on your employees.

“Your company is actually all of the stories your employees tell.” - Mike Ganino

In the long run, these stories of experience will impact your brand more than anything else that you do.

Caring and Clarity

Showing how you care for your employees from pre-onboarding down to their every day with the company will help them engage. A sense of caring may come from a casual text message to welcome a new hire or from letting your employees in the know of how the business is actually faring.

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